Training Workshops


Training Workshops

Developing your staff is the key to business growth.  And training can make or break implementing a new system or process.  Whether you want to improve the effectiveness of your operations, or train the team on the new system, we can lead the way.

Writing for SEO

Good SEO goes way beyond technical programming tricks.  It is a different way of writing content.  Learns the ins and outs of writing for the search spiders while still make it readable for your customers.

Writing for Email

Effective marketing emails require a fundamentally different approach to copy writing.  Learn how to make your email get opened, and to get the reader to click-thru and take action.

A/B Testing

If you aren't testing, you aren't learning.  If you aren't learning, you can't grow.  It's that simple.  See how to make A/B testing - for ads, emails, landing pages - really work, and without lots of programming.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful digital analytics tools out there.  And it's free!  But it can be daunting and hard to use.  Learn how to quickly get the metrics that are truly important to your business.

Project Documentation for Dummies

Don't have a Project Management Office (PMO) or trained project managers?  You can still put in place basic tools and documentation for your projects that will save you endless frustration.

Content Management

Modern content management systems (CMS) have so many bells and whistles, it can be hard to know just how best to use them.  See the best practices to put in place with your CMS that will make it efficient and effective.

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