Site CPR


Website CPR

Beware the signs of a website heart attack!

  • Stagnant traffic
  • Showing up on page 12 of Google search results
  • Leads have dried up
  • Conversion rates just a fraction of 1%
  • E-commerce sales heading downhill, fast

When you see these signs, don't wait - call us!

You Need a Website Doctor, stat!

Any of the following sound familiar? If so, you need a website doctor, stat (right now)!

  • Broken links and contact forms that don't work
  • Out of date homepage that nobody knows how to change
  • A website that "only a programmer" can update
  • Your "website guy" left and nobody know how to do anything
  • Security errors popping up on your site
  • Old pictures and videos that need to be fixed (or removed)

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